Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This harder-than-you-think monosyllabic story contest is both challenging and a lot of fun

You may not be geographically eligible to enter this Pittsboro (NC) Writers Morning Out contest, but do the exercise anyway, just for kicks:

Write a story, any genre, not to exceed 300 words, including the title. Here’s the hard part: only words of one syllable allowed. (Contractions pronounced as one syllable are OK. Examples: I’m, I’d, I’ve, can’t, won’t, don’t. Also, possessives pronounced as one syllable: Joe’s, Ann’s, Kate’s etc.)

It’s harder than it sounds – I was on my third draft before I realized I
had used three two-syllable words.

Contest is open to any North Carolina Writers Network member in Chatham and Lee Counties, or to any member of Pittsboro Writers’ Morning Out. This will be a blind judging. Your name should not appear on the story page. Include a cover page with name, title, word count and your e-mail address. Send MS and cover page as attachments in .doc, .docx or .txt format to amanningusa@gmail.com. Due date: March 31, 2015.

The winning entry will be posted to the WMO blog (pittsboro-wmo.blogspot.com).


  1. Marian -Go to “L” - true story

    i live in a high rise more than twice ten floors high. i live on floor nine.
    there are two lifts in the high rise - one to ten and the other for the top ten
    i go to see my friend on the top floor - when i leave
    i get on the lift - i press nine - the lift stops on twelve-
    young lass gets on but does not press a floor -
    i say to her “are you on your way to “L” ?”
    i pause - look at her - i say “that did not sound right” -
    with a smile as i press “L” for her - she had a smile -
    the lift stops at nine - i get off - with a smile -

    1. Well done, Norm!! Well done.

      Anybody else want to try?